A Fresh Look At OUHC

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Some exclusive interviews with the fresh faces of OUHC who offer an insight into what it was like joining the club at the start of this year. For anyone joining a new sports club, it may seem intimidating. Not only does everyone already know each other, know all the rules and secrets of the club but also too many names to learn, as well as learning an entire new language, as OUHC seems to operate entirely through the repetition of only a few phrases… gosh. We spoke to some of the freshers this year to gain an insight into whether we are all that scary or just would like to think we are (or aren’t).

Star player signs autographs at Fresher’s Fair!

‘Sometimes it can be quite daunting being in the presence of Adonises such as TC, but this is made easier by some real shlids (namely that of Fanners) boosting my self-esteem. Despite the chat mostly consisting of the word “nibble” with some random cricket references thrown in, the boys, and indeed the rest of OUHC have made settling in very easy.’ – Josh, Fresher in the Men’s Blues

‘My experience at OHUC has been overwhelmingly positive. I was pretty nervous about playing hockey at uni and about all the stereotypes that surround it but thankfully it has all been so much better than I expected and I feel lucky to be part of such a lovely team!’ – Shabnam, Fresher is the Women’s Blues

‘Although I found preseason daunting at first, it was actually a nice opportunity to meet OUHC and once term started I appreciated that I’d already got to know people. There’s a refreshing atmosphere of all the teams supporting each other and it’s great how much the men’s teams respect the women’s side. An introduction to the social scene has been fun, however, I still only have a tentative grasp on the vast array of rules…’ – Ellie, Fresher in the Women’s Blues

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