A pre-varsity shoeing for OUHC

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Katie Dennison provides the Blue Bird with an exclusive look at two titans going head to head in week three.

Both the Men’s blues and Women’s blues had matches against the Tabs last week, a nice warm-up for Varsity in March.

Glorious day to beat Tabs

The women went into the match confident, with a 4-0 win over the Tabs in Varsity the previous year, and a strong set of results so far this season. It was important for them to not be complacent and this was seen with a strong start by all players. Some flair hands from Georgie Whittaker, passing in to Baechel (Rachael Harrison), coupled with some poor defence, the only team actually wearing blue on the pitch secured a 1-0 lead. Some more solid attack allowed Georgie Walton to score once more for the dark blue side. The Tabs were clearly angered but a strong line of defence lead by Naomi Kelly stopped any of their hopes of scoring. Final score: 2-0 to Dark Blue.

A big old shoe

I managed to secure a brief word from Megan Hughes (Captain) on the side line, post shoeing: ‘It shows a lot of promise for Varsity 2K18. It was good to show the Tabs what we are about early in the season.’

The men had a slightly different story at varsity last year, winning by one penalty during a nerve-racking set of shuffles (similar to a penalty shoot out, during which one outfield player has 10 seconds to run into the D, one-on-one with the keeper, and score). George Oyebode, the men’s keeper, saved the final shot by Cambridge, clinching the win for the men. Therefore, last week, the men stepped onto the pitch hungry to set the record straight and steal the win by a more convincing margin. An opening first half saw the men play with confidence and control the game, scoring two goals incredibly early on. One of which was a stormer from Thomas Claughton, who put his hand-eye (honed in the cricket nets) to good use, slamming the ball in from a rebound. The men then had a strong second half, maintaining their 2-0 lead, until the final moments, where the team in green unfortunately managed to score a goal against Oyebode (not as well as we had, though…). Final score: 2-1 to Dark Blue.

Tabs beaten

Andrew Oxburgh’s (Captain) passing comments on the game were: ‘It’s a really good sign to have beaten the team in green 2-1 and not be ecstatic. It shows the ambition of the team’.

The results bode well for both teams in their current Wednesday BUCS campaigns.

The rest of the club played some hockey too, but came down to the Iffley Fortress to support, and take advantage of some free beers on the sideline. Chants were heard, but it is a family day so it was kept PG. A large Park End followed.

It is important to remember though: hockey is the real winner here.

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