OUABC Women Primed For Town Vs Gown

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In anticipation of one of OUABC’s biggest fixtures of the year- Town vs Gown- The Blue Bird heard from Oxford Sportswoman Of The Year Rachel Wheatley (Judo and Boxing) about what to expect from the girls taking to the ring on Friday. The fixture makes good preparation for the team in the run up to BUCS and Varsity later this term and promises to be a great evening for anyone lucky enough to be there. While tickets are now sold out, we recommend looking on the event page to pick one up last minute. 

OUABC women sporting their new women’s kit.


Rachel writes: OUABC women are sporting their new women’s kit and ready to fight in the annual Town vs Gown show at the Oxford Union on Friday. This year the show will feature fights for 12 women, 7 from OUABC, and the largest number of women fights ever to be on at the event! TvG is the first event of a busy term for OUABC boxers, with the British Universities Boxing Championships and the 111th Varsity Boxing Match around the corner. The new kit signifies a huge bloom in women’s boxing over recent years, with OUABC having received their first female members only 14 years ago. The success of women’s boxing at OUABC is a huge testament to the coaches and their expertise and commitment to training each boxer to achieve their highest potential. In fact, the women’s boxing team look on to hoping to maintain their status as British universities boxing championships top team for the fourth consecutive year this February. Keep your eyes peeled for coverage of town v gown, and if you were unlucky and missed out on tickets, save the date for March 9th to come support our dark blue boxers at the Varsity match!


  1. The one word which must never, ever be used in the context of Amateur Boxing – least of all by a member of the oldest University in the English-speaking world – is “Fight”. For the past two hundred years, the convention has been scrupulously observed that Amateur Boxing bouts are always referred to as “Contests” and never referred to as “Fights” whilst Professional Boxing bouts are always referred to as “Fights” and are never referred to as “Contests.”

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