OUHC Varsity – Mavericks (Womens 3s)

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Back Row: N. Leach, K. Chester, J. Webster, S. Chahal, L. von der Brelie, A. Guest, I. Stead, A. Melvin, H. Clay, M. Letman, R. Kenney-Herbert, E. Richards
Front Row: J. Bellman, C. Kendrick, A. Tomlinson, E. Gerard-Pearse, H. Megone, K. Fraser, C. Thornton, N. Sturrock, A. Manning
Not Present: G. Jalleh-Sharples

It was a mixed first half of the season for the Mavs. With a lot of players from last year’s squad moving up to the Rads, we welcomed 11 new players into the team. The first few weeks of term were pretty tough with some heavy losses particularly on Wednesdays. Once we’d finally (ish) learnt each other’s names, we began to gel as a team and our results and overall play improved significantly. On a Wednesday we have gradually improved and in the second round of the cup we held Cambridge 2s at 1-1 for the majority of the game before conceding 2 late goals – a testament to our hard work and progression over the season.

We’ve had mixed results on a Saturday but a huge 4-1 win against top-of-the-league Bicester a couple of weeks ago shows what we are capable of. At this stage, we are placed 6th (mid-table) on a Saturday and 5th on a Wednesday. Looking to Varsity, we are hoping to build on the match last year which was hugely positive in so many ways regardless of the disappointing result. With a new dream team of coaches and some extremely talented freshers we’ll be going into this match feeling pretty confident.


Helen Megone- Captain

College: St. Anne’s

Subject: Classics

Most likely to: not shower

Bio: After worry that Melon Hegone may become boring having been appointed captain, all concerns were proved entirely wrong. Funny and as weird as ever, Helen continues to amaze all with her ability to fall over 36378 times a match. Whether these falls are tactical it is impossible to tell but they continue to provide endless entertainment. Off the pitch, Helen is a highlight at Park End, always being the first one to hit the dance floor and also the first one to be taken home, a role that usually falls to Rory. Boys continue to feature in Helens life, despite her unfounded promises of this year being boy-free. From being asked on a date by a monk, to infamously not feeling very well during a PG sleepover with another OUHC Hockey captain, Helen still hasn’t found the one yet. But all this may soon change, thanks to a certain chemist – you’ve undoubtedly heard Helen mention his name a few times already today. Now that she has decided to shower more than once a week maybe she’ll be able to hold onto this one…

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