OUHC Varsity – Sporadics (Mens 4s)

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Back Row: M. Aho, A. Taylor, F. Fatodu, P. Armitage, W. Stone, G. Levie, C. Gateley, T. Foster. W. Woods, J. Buckeridge
Front Row: H. Hutchinson, E. Birch, L. Findlay, D. Allen, T. Dean, J. Farrelly, B. Gale
Not Present: M. Colfer, D. Heathcote

The Spos have had a solid season since their formation last year, with many freshers bringing new life into the team. Alongside a change in structure, a new coach and golden tactics we have been able to dominate most of the top teams throughout the year. We had a slow start to the season with many draws, however since the Christmas break our fortunes have turned and we have started scoring many more goals resulting in our current league position of 5th, only 4 points off 2nd place. With this momentum we hope to push further up the league and challenge for a promotion spot.

As the team is still only in its infancy we have continued to integrate into OUHC. Predominantly through active participation in the social side of the club, featuring many nights in a particular corner of Park End. Throughout the season we have attempted to improve our on-field ability as hockey players to match our off-field prowess. Both these facets of the Spos will feature heavily on Varsity day. Last year’s match ended disappointingly for us, narrowly losing 1-0 on shuffles after dominating much of the game. However, this year we have come back with a stronger team and are confident we will avenge that loss!


Dom Allen- Captain

College: Oriel

Subject: Chemistry

Most likely to: chunder after his first pint of a social

Bio: On Saturday 30th may 2009 Dom Allen in his first ever facebook post wrote “nickelback rule”. Dom has maintained this incredible eloquence well into university. This ability comes in handy before every match when Dom provides us with teamtalks comparable with the very best of Churchill’s oratory. It is a testament to Dom’s modesty that in his match reports he describes his talks as merely average as, every week, they are the best the Sporadics receive! Who amongst the team could fail to remember phrases such as “we should win today” and “this team’s probably quite good”. Motivational rhetoric aside, Dom has been effective up top scoring 2 goals (he thinks) in Michaelmas and has done a good job organising a full 11 for each match.

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