OUHC – who are we?

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Oxford University Hockey is one of the largest sports clubs in oxford with 3 full women’s teams and 4 men’s teams being fielded each week. For future reference, the teams each have collective names which are used within the club;

Men’s Women’s
1 Men’s Blues (MBs) Women’s Blues (WBs)
2 Occasionals (Os) Radicals (Rads)
3 Infrequents (Is) Mavericks (Mavs)
4 Sporadics (Spos) n/a

Déjà vu? It was probably an OUHC

After a successful tour to Prague, with victories for both the men’s and women’s side of the club, the upcoming year of hockey looks promising. This year both the Men’s and Women’s Blues will attempt to retain the hard fought Varsity victories of last year, with all other teams hoping to return the trophies to The Fortress (Iffley Road). The Women’s Blues also continue their campaign in the top BUCS league, coming a close second last year and narrowly losing out to Edinburgh on flicks to get to the semi final. The Men’s blues, and Occasionals continuing from their promotions and all other teams hoping to begin a winning streak. A strong intake of freshers and new blood to the club as well as retaining some older, wiser members, should bring about a sparkling season for OUHC.

If you are ever at a loss about who the members of OUHC are, you will probably see most of them in kit, or some stupid costume, in the VIP section of Park End before they make the arduous move to hockey corner (EDM floor), VK in hand. Though they may look scary – as an OxLove wrote; ‘firm, steely glint in their eye or the impression of barely concealed competitive aggression’ – the university hockey players are a lovely bunch, although their chat is questionable.

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