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With the Blues and Roos kicking off the second half of the BUCS season with home matches against Cambridge last week, OUNC looks back at a highly successful BUCS season so far.


A massive coaching switch up sees experienced captain Elsa Wakeman and vice Isa Cooper coaching the whole club whilst inspiring the Blues team to consistently improving performances.

The team currently lie in 3rd place in the Midlands 1A league, the best performance for the Blues since the 2011-2012 season. A narrow 5 goal defeat to Cambridge (43-48) early in the term has seen the team train with even more grit, putting in impressive victories against Loughborough 2nds and 3rds.

Whilst a controversial match against Bath narrowly edges them out of the BUCS cup, a tough programme of matches has been arranged by captain Elsa Wakeman to ensure her team are as strong and prepared as possible for Varsity match on the 25th of February. This follows from a decisive victory over the Army in Michaelmas. The team also had strong performances on the club’s preseason warm up tour to London last week, defeating both King’s and UCL first teams despite the absence of several players from the strong 10 man squad.

The team lost narrowly, by a mere 2 goals, to Cambridge this Wednesday and are more determined than ever to ensure a wider scoreline in their favour come Varsity day.

Roos (2nds)

The Roos have gone from strength to strength over the 8 weeks of Michelmas term, implementing some major team changes since their defeat to the Cambridge 2nds back in October.

Particular highlights include triumphing over Nottingham 3rds who currently lie second in their league with such a strong performance that Nottingham believed 1st team members to be playing (this was obviously false as the Blues were too busy beating Trent away).

The team have also surpassed their record in the BUCS conference cup, progressing to the quarter finals this term, a historic first! They are only team in their half of the league to achieve this feat, leaving rivals Cambridge behind in the 2nd round. This offers the Roos tough competition this term, the perfect means to prepare for Varsity.

With such encouraging performances and a hard working team ethic the Roos were excited to meet Cambridge again this week where a nail biting performance gained them a victory of 41-40. An exciting Varsity match is surely on the horizon!

Emus (3rds)

The beginning of the 2017-2018 season saw the addition of the Oxford Emus into the BUCS league for the first time. Due to new teams beginning added at the bottom of Midlands leagues, the Emus have completely dominated the 7A league,winning every match with ease. Particularly impressive score cards from the term include defeating Chester 1sts 122-1 and Newman 2nd s116 – 0, insane scores considering the 60 minute match times and players regularly playing out of position to increase versatility within the squad.

The BUCS conference plate offers the Emus tougher competition but an impressive Victory over Warwick 3rds (37-28) only highlights how competitive the team is. This was further reinforced with victories over UCL 2nds and King’s2nds on preseason tour.

All three teams are as focused, motivated and hard working as ever. They are all hungry for a triple Varsity win on the 25th of February and with such strong performances being delivered from all 3 teams this seems highly realistic.

Join us

Sunday 25th February for all three teams in their Varsity match at Iffley:

9:00 am – Emus

11:00 am – Roos

1:00pm – Blues

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