The Blue Bird launches

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Welcome to the Oxford Blue Bird!

Oxford’s only sports-dedicated newspaper

What is the Oxford Blue Bird?
The Oxford Blue Bird is a web-based newspaper, covering all sporting events within the University of Oxford.
The paper’s mission is two-fold:

  • To raise the external profile of Oxford sport, potentially gaining valuable exposure for attracting potential club sponsors
  • To increase internal cohesion between the multitude of different sports teams within the University by sharing match reports, season previews, statistical analysis etc.

How will this benefit my club?
The benefits to your club are easy to see:

  • Wider appreciation and recognition of your sport in Oxford
  • Improved chance of recruiting new members
  • Improved brand exposure opportunity for your sponsor(s)
  • Greater supporting attendance at Varsity and other fixtures

And, as if any sort of extra incentive was needed, we can also offer those who write articles:

  • Free stash
  • Subsidised crewdates

How do I get my club involved?
Getting involved couldn’t be easier and, with a new year beginning, there’s no better time to start getting the word out about what your club, your season and your prospects.

  1. Please pass on information about the Blue Bird to your club or committee
  2. Decide upon a member to act as your primary club Publicity Officer (freshers are ideal, but any passionate member will do)
  3. Contact the Blue Bird with the details of this Publicity Officer and we’ll get them set up, writing content for your club in no time!


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